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palustre totora junco papiro equisetum

Marsh or marginal zone gives the pond a more natural conformation between the edge of water space and around the park.


Contrast to its height, cutting the horizontal water surface. There are a variety in height, foliage and colors can be used as pond bottom, the most species of this group, they develop with their roots submerged in shallow water or saturated soils.


They can be placed in pots in the pond or outside of it, with abundant irrigation. Their roots assist in the oxygenation of the water. Being a refuge for amphibians, birds, dragonflies and butterflies.

papiro egipcio cyperus papyrus Egyptian Paper Reed. Giant Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) :

Foliage consists of long upright stems crowned with leaves arranged

like a loose umbel.

Its height is 1 m reaching up to 4.

Needs sun or partial shade

Tolerates mild frost.

papiro enano cyperus haspan Dwarf Papyrus (Cyperus haspan):

Foliage consists of upright stems crowned with leaves arranged like

an umbel.

Its height is 60 cm only, prefers full sun or half shade.

Tolerates mild frost.

falso papiro paraguitas cyperus Umbrella Palm (Cyperus alternifolius): :

Umbrella-shaped foliage.

Heights of 1 to 1.5 meters.

Tolerates mild frost.

papiro nativo cyperus gyganteus Mexican papyrus (Cyperus gyganteus):

Not as lush foliage, long stems vertical.

Reaches 4 meters.

It's a little more resistant to frost than the Egyptian Papyrus.

totora typha latifolia Cattail (Typha latifolia) :

Herbaceous long vertical sheets in the form of tape.

It blooms in spring.

Reaches 2 m in height.

Needs sun or half shade and

is resistant to frost.

totora gracil typha laxmanni Swarf Cattail (Typha laxmannii) :

Long grass leaves very narrow and vertical ribbons.

Grows to only 1 m. It blooms in spring,

needs sun or light shade

and is very resistant to frost.

thalia dealbata Powdery Thalia (Thalia dealbata):

Perennial plant up to 2 meters tall,

very distinguished, broad leaves, bent gracefully.

Purple flowers in summer.

Tolerate mild frost.

equisetum hyemale junco Horsetail or Scouring rush (Equisetum hyemale var robustum):

Perennial reaches 2 meters high, stems ribbed,

green and without branches, with tiny leaves.

It thrives in the sun or some shade.

It is very resistant to frost.

junco cebra scirpus lacustris Zebra rush (Scirpus lacustris zebrinus):

Perennial, up to 1 m.

Alternating stems green areas clearer areas resemble a zebra.

Frost hardy.

junco medusa juncus effesus spiralis Corkscrew Rush (juncus effesus spiralis):


Carried creeping stems are forming a hair curling.

Frost hardy

junco comun scirpus validus Rush(Scirpus validus):

Perennial up to 3 meters in height,

Rresistant to frost.

cucharero echinodorus Spoon (Echinodorus sp):

Carried erect perennial with large leaves,


White flowers.

Frost Tolerant.

lirio acuatico iris pseudacorus Yellow Iris (Iris pseudacorus):


erect leaves.

Large yellow flowers in early spring.

lirio acuatico Loussiana iris Iris Loussiana


Highly resistant to frost.

Large purple flowers, blue, cream or red

It blooms in early spring.

lirio acuatico iris ensata Iris ensata


Erect growth habit

. White flowers with purple center.

lirio acuatico iris sibirica Iris sibirica

Perennial, erect growth habit,

Grow very dense.

Blue violet flowers.

achira Canna (canna sp)


large leaves.

Not withstand frost.

Flowers red, yellow and combinations thereof.

oreja de elefante taro colocassia esculenta Green Taro or Elephants ears (Colocasia Esculenta):

Plant of great size, reaching to 2 m high,

very large leaves.

Is placed in the margins of estanques.

Shade or half shade.

Very sensitive to frost.

oreja de elefante negra colocassia esculente Black Magic Taro or Black Elephants ears (Colocasia esculenta "Black Magic):

Large-sized plant with very large leaves alternating with Violet Green.

Is placed in the margins of ponds.

Shade or part shade.

Very sensitive to frost.

pontederia cordata Pickered weed (Pontederia Cordata):

Perennial, erect bearing plant up to 1.5 meters.

Flowers purplish spikelets.

Tolerates slightly Frost.

azucenita de agua zephyrantes candida (Zephyranthes candida:

Perennial small, no larger than 30 cm.

Resembling a small bead.

Spring blossoms fall, giving white flowers.

houttynia cordata Houttuynia cordata variegata "Chamaleon":

Perennial foliage changing color leaves green interspersed with white and pink.

This plant is used for borders, but supports flooding.

Its leaves have a rich aroma.

lobelia cardinalis Lobelia cardinalis:
Beautiful upright plant with red flowers on board, to place on the margins
lysinmachia numularia Lysinmachia (Lisynmachia numularia aurea):
Small species, used as ground cover around the edges, or standing water. simulating coin has round leaves. Resists frost.