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Flor de Loto Nelumbo

The Lotus Flower is considered sacred by different civilizations in Asia and Africa, a great spiritual symbolism "purity that rises from the mud", is the icon of the Buddhist religion, much as we emerged from the Buddha legend a lotus bud In many images are shown seated on a lotus leaf or flower.


The Lotos have enormous green round leaves and white flowers that rise high above the leaves. Their colors range from pure white to pink, to species with only their edges colored.


They bloom throughout the summer, each flower remained open from morning from mid-afternoon, for 3 consecutive days. The fruits have a particular form of shower.


During the winter go to sleep and losing all its leaves, leaving only its rhizomes.



Light: full sun


Depth: The lotus can be grown inside or outside the pond in full sun and in containers without holes in a round for their rhizomes not lock into the corners. The water level should be between 5 and 10 cm above ground level.


Nutrition: It's a very demanding plant and for a good development, it should fertilize regularly during spring and summer. Making one last fall fertilization, once lost the foliage, thus facilitating a healthy development of the rhizomes in the winter resting stage.


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Cha wan basu:

White flowers with pink edges.

Lotus medium size 1 - 1.2 m alturaa.

Variety of easy cultivation.

Loto Rosado Nico Nelumbo Nucifera Nico:

Dark pink flowers.

Lotus medium size 1 to 1.2 meters in height.

Loto blanco Yaya Buda Nelumbo Lutea Yaya:

Pure white flowers.

Lotus medium sized 1 m in height)

Loto blanco Baby Doll Enano Baby Doll:

White flowers with petaloid.

Lotus of small size of 60 cm in height.

Ideal for small spaces (balconies and terraces),

it can be grown in pots of 60 cm.

Loto Friendship Nelumbo Friendship:

Large white flowers with pink edges.

Large size with more than 1.5 meters high.

Loto The Queen nelumbo lutea The Queen:

Large white flowers.

Large-sized lotus height over 1.5

Loto Rosado Nelumbo nucifera Mrs Perry D Slocum:

Pink flowers that are becoming cream to the third day.

Median Porte 1-1.5 m

Loto Rojo Pekinksis rubra Pekinensis Rubra “Red Lotus”

Red rose petals flowers lighter towards the base.

Median Porte 1 to 1.2 m