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Fish for ponds - Koi

Fish add beauty and movement to the water space, are an important part in the ecosystem, helping to control mosquito larvae and other insects. The varieties used for ponds are basically two: Goldfish and Comets.


The main features that these species possess that make them suitable for life in the pond are: resistance to low temperatures and quickly, to prevent bird attack their main predators.

koi carpas peces
carpas koi peces estanques


Carps / Koi (Cyprinus carpio)
Size: large fish 30 to 50 cm, reaching 80 cm long into adulthood.

:Color: The colors range from orange, yellow, white, Red and Black. And all combinations.

Zone: They are located in the lower, rising to the surface to eat.

Behavior: They are very active and voracious fish. Coexist with other species, as these are of medium size. Remove the bottom in search of food. They swim in groups.

Water per animal: 500 Litros
cometas carassius peces estanque
cometas carassius peces estanque



Goldfish / Shubunkin (Carassius auratus)

Size: Fish small size medium 15 to 20 cm long into adulthood.

Color: Comets are red or white and their combinations.

The shubunkins, have more varied colors and can be yellow, orange, red, blue, black and speckled . Both species have a long and delicate tail.

Zone: They are located in the middle or near the pond surface

Behavior:: Species are quiet, perfectly coexist with other species. Usually eat up, not removing the background. They swim in groups.

Water per animal: 50 Litros